“1 Verse at a time” 

with Gary Pantin

Introductory Podcast


Welcome to the introductory podcast for the upcoming season of "1 Verse at a time" on Theologians.com. The first episode of our new podcast is slated for May 1st 2024 and it will be hosted by Gary Pantin. We are excited to embark on this new theological journey with you through the pages of the Holy Bible and invite you to listen below to learn more about the upcoming pod.

Season 1, Introductory Podcast - (14:15 min)

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    Hello, and welcome to “1 Verse at a time”, a podcast about the Word of God on Theologians.com, produced by the Theologians Online Community. My name is Gary, and we are happy that you’re here. We’re also super excited to introduce this new podcast, which we have designed…

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