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In today’s podcast we introduce the upcoming season of “One Verse at a time” which begins on May 1st 2024. We are excited to begin this new theological journey through the pages of the Holy Bible, and invite you to listen to the introductory pod below. The podcast is hosted by Gary Pantin.

Podcast Posted Tuesday 19th March, 2024 - "One Verse at a time"

Season 1, Episode 1 - (14:15 min)


“One Verse at a time”

“One verse at a time” is a  podcast @Theologians.com where we explore the Bible one new verse of the bible everyday.

The podcast is hosted by Gary Pantin and is designed to help listeners start their day with the Word of God. We also try to promote a healthy online discussion about the scripture on cyberlike.com. Join us on this journey to better understand the God’s word. Listeners to the pod are also encouraged to share their views at  Theologians.com, a website for biblical enthusiasts which also hosts the pod. 

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“One Verse at a time”

In our weekday podcast we discuss one verse from the Holy Bible every weekday to better understand the ways of our God. As believers we look to God to see how He fuels us to do his work.  The podcast is hosted by Gary Pantin. As always, we welcome your thoughts, comments, questions and suggestions. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

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Gary Pantin

Gary Pantin

It’s really great to share the Word of God with you.  Through God’s mercy we are called to His Son Jesus Christ in whom we find our true identity. I am super excited o be able to be a part of this “One verse at a time” podcast that is rooted in the Word of God. I hope each episode is edifying and encouraging, and look forward to you joining us each and every day.

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